covid 19 safety precautions

Step by step instructions to deliver products during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Regardless of whether you need to close due to health and covid-19 precautions, there are covid 19 safety precautions to keep serving your customers during the covid-19 outbreak.

1. Communicate proactively with your customers
2. Promote your products, offers, and gift card
3.Promote your services with live videos or video chat
4. Hold an event online
5. Use discount method to get more clients

Best Ways of Shipping

Move up to the most secure signature service

The best security option is ordinarily referred to as an “adult signature”. It ensures the transporter won’t leave a parcel without either viewing the recipient’s ID or verbally gathering their name to record in their tracking system.
There’s normally an extra charge for this option, yet it’s needed for the current situation since procedures for obtaining a signature are being modified or precluded for standard, lower-security options.

Contact the Recipient

Confirm your recipient’s current address and advice that your parcel is in transit before you print a label and send the package.
If you ship worldwide, note that a few countries have closed borders, and shipments in or out are not allowed as of now.

Watch your parcel get scanned and get a receipt

This has for quite some time been a recommendation of ours, but it needs to be repeated due to other procedural changes a few carriers are making.
We’ve been made mindful that some are directing shippers to drop their parcels into a bin to be checked at a later time. This may suffice for low-value items; however, jewelers need to perceive their situation as an exception.
Because a scan is critical to shipping coverage in case of a loss, select a carrier you know will be able to scan your parcel in person and give you a receipt with the following number promptly a short time later.

Use expedited services

It’s very hard to figure out what will unfold in the coming days and weeks. So deliver to your recipient quickly. Two explanations behind this are:
There’s an expanded risk of lost or stolen packages the more they are on the way
Your recipient’s situation or area may change

Safety Reminders

Given the need to use the “adult signature” service, you will come in close contact with your dispatch.
Likewise, in case you are the recipient of a package, you should be mindful that it will be handled by various parties and may come from or have gone through a “hot spot.” Follow covid 19 safety precautions and keep yourself self.
Here are a few ideas for stay safe when shipping jewelry during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Keep a distance while delivering or receiving a parcel.
Use a mask and gloves, While delivering or receiving a package.
Wash your hands before and after handling packages
Try not to collect or unbox packages in common areas where you eat or rest
Keep your assembly area clean and sanitize it frequently

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