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Tips and tricks on styling and wearing jewellery like the professionals!

We all are extremely connected with jewellery and most of us love silver jewellery. Styling the proper jewellery with the right outfit is essential as often we get muddled about what to put on due to our overflowing collection of different jewellery. We almost forget jewellery pieces that exist in our wardrobe and wind up carrying the same silver jewellery again and again.
Create the most effective use of your jewellery collection while not being boring. We’ve listed down some basic jewellery styling tips and tricks to assist you to wear fine, fashion, and costume jewellery that enhances your sense of style, personality, and jewellery collection.

1. Layer It Up!!!!

Carry your stunning silver rings, dazzling silver bracelets, and sterling silver necklaces to glam up your vogue game. Layering up your silver accessories is often fun and it can ne’er quit of fashion. Always stack up silver jewellery at the place wherever you’d prefer to draw attention. Layering up jewellery may also increase the styling and draw attention away from your flaws.

Layer up loads of natural silver pendants of various lengths to gain attention to your face. Double colors, textures, and patterns often create a crucial role in layering it up.

You may try arm jewellery of various patterns from minimal to fancy in addition to stack up along with your watch. Stunning silver rings can be combined and paired in various colors and combinations especially if you have a pretty manicure. You can also try experimenting with loads of silver ear cuffs and studs if you have many ear piercings.

2. Sometimes Too Much Can Be Harmful

Layering up is fun but sometimes it may become the reason of let you down. Try to avoid this mishap. Make sure that your jewelry remains a complement to your outfit and not the centerpiece of it. Always go for what makes you feel the most confident, and don’t put on something that will become a reason for low confidence. If you feel good with the jewelry you choose, it’s going to show!

If the major point is your necklace, you can quit the earrings but also you can combine a set of matching earrings with a minimal necklace.

If you want to seek attention to your face and neckline with layered necklaces, then don’t go for multiple bangles and bracelets.

3. The Walls Have Ears, And The Ears Have Beautiful Earrings

Your earrings say a lot about your persona and it constantly comes in vision whenever you wear them. Choose your earrings accurately that praise your face, hair, face tone, and attire.
When buying new earrings to add to your collection, stop and think about how the various colors can praise your outfits and make your style pop. Imagine your closet in your mind—what types of colors, patterns, and fabrics are in your closet the most? If you wear a lot of red shimmers, opt for some silver or golden minimal, and you will be happy with how they level up your look!

4. Mixing Game!

If you want to try something new, try mixing metals when wearing your jewelry. A great way to begin is trying to pair together different rings, pendants, or bracelets with different colored metals till you find the proper fit. You can also try wearing one mixed piece to begin (a pendant or bracelet piece with more than one metal in it) so that the mixing game is done for you. Check out our collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and start shining.

5. Jewellery Or Outfit Focus on One

Before pairing your jewellery decide the focal point, where you want to focus. It is usually suggested to make visual focus on only one part of the body – Ears, Neckline, Hands, etc.

For instance, if you wear a heavy necklace piece then go for more minimal studs or hand accessory same if you want to draw attention towards your wrists then go for a decent watch and carry some metal bracelet with a minimal pendant and earrings.

6. Try Statement Jewellery

When wearing a basic or neutral outfit, it is a good way to style it with a statement piece. This is a jewellery piece that stands out as different or a touch unique. Pair the outfit together, and for sure, makes a statement! The styling idea right here is that the outfit will possibly feel bland without it. If you feel bold, try personalizing your outfit with a statement piece for a sparkling new look.
Save this blog of Jewellery Styling Tips for future referrals whenever you are all fade up and idealess. As to what jewellery will work the best for you.

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